My Nomination!

I really enjoyed Lily’s blog. It was different than other blogs that I had come across. She has writings that are somewhat similar to mine. I can relate to her blog than I can to most others. Her writing style is advanced for her age and is easy to understand.

One of her posts called Leadership really inspired me. It’s about being a leader and being that person that talks a person out of suicide, or talks to the new kid in school. I can tell that she didn’t just copy this poem off of the internet and post it on her blog. It’s something special to her and it came from deep within her heart. It’s a touchy poem, but it’s honest. Her writing style in this is vivid and clear and the italicized words make it stronger and more urgent to the reader. Her blog in general is great and I think she should win the nomination.

Lily has a lot of viewers on her blog and is also engaged with other blogs. She replies to her comments from other people and gives feedback to them about their blogs as well. The way she writes her posts, it’s as if I can actually hear someone speaking it the way it’s set in my mind. The language and style of her writing is really cool and I like how she has a wide variety of types of posts. Not just things that go along with the same old Challenges, but she mixes it up with poems and other types of literature.

I hope you get to read this soon, Lily! Good luck and I hope you win! Thank you!

Lily’s Blog

Are You Really Who You Think You Are?


When you are crowned,

When you are placed upon the throne,

Is it what you really think you are?

Are you actually a Princess?

A Prince?

Or just next in line?

Because the one before you died.

Everything that you have been dreaming of,

Everything that you wish to happen,

Is not what it seems.

Because they are the ones that keep you away from your dreams,

So that the royalty could keep it’s composure

And live long along the horizon.

Above and beyond

The peasants that roam.

All because you thought you were really who you think you were.

The poem that I have written above is not supposed to just talk about “Princess Culture” or your place upon the “royal throne.” It’s about finding yourself and believing in yourself.  You can do anything you want, only if you follow your dreams and believe in them.

I chose the “Royalty” or “Princesses” and my theme because in most of the newer Disney movies, such as Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Brave, Frozen, etc. it shows how the girls are ‘royal’, but they still follow their dreams and believe in themselves. Just because you are put into a position and re supposed to accomplish who you are, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are or have to be THAT person. Following your dreams may not fulfill others needs, but it will fulfill yours. Choose your path, not theirs.

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Do you wanna build a snowman?

C’mon let’s go and play!

I never see you anymore.

Come out the door.

It’s like you’ve gone away!

We used to be best buddies.

And now we’re not.

I wish you could tell me why.

Do you wanna build a snowman.

It doesn’t have to be a snowman

Go away Ana!

Okay, Bye.


Do you wanna build a snowman?

Or ride our bikes around the halls?

Our company is overdue.

I’ve started talking to

the pictures on the walls–hang in there Joe!

It gets a little lonely.

All these empty rooms.

Watching the hours tick by.

Do you wanna build a snowman?



Please I know you’re in there.

People are asking where you’ve been.

They say “have courage”

And I’m trying to

I’m right here for you.

Just let me in.

We only have each other.

It’s just you and me.

What are we gonna do?

Do you wanna build a snowman?




Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Cardio and Yoga



It’s not easy.

It never is.

But we have to strive for the light.

We need to reach the end.

But if we start lingering backwards.

It’ll be in our reach,

Only fingertips away.

And when we reach it.

We’ll be so happy.


Like there’s no tomorrow.

Because when we achieve victory.

It feels like there never is.



Fallen Angels and Nephilim

I saw her there, running around the track. It’s been her favorite place recently and I couldn’t figure out why.

I was sitting on a branch with my legs over the side of a far away tree, but Fallen Angels have such sharp vision. I was surprised when she couldn’t sense me even from this distance, but then I realized that she was so focused on her running with her ear buds plugged in, probably blasting on Nirvana. Or maybe the song that I had dedicated to our relationship. It just fits us. Hush, by SoMo.

I couldn’t believe how strong she’d gotten in the past couple of months. She doesn’t need me to  protect her as much anymore. I’m really proud of her, though.

I guess I was too busy drooling at her, because I ended up falling out of the tree.

She stopped and looked up and gave me her million dollar grin. She jogged over while I got off and dust myself off and rubbed the back of my head from the ground that slammed into me. Or my head that slammed into the ground…Nah I think the ground decided that it was going to slam into my head.

“Hey kiddo, whatcha doing hiding up in that tree?”, said Nora, slyly.

“Don’t call me kiddo, you know I don’t like that. And I was just..umm…bird watching. Yeah, that’s it. I was admiring the gorgeous blue jays and robins.” I responded.

“All the way up in a tree? Patch, I told you to stop stalking me. I’m safe. I’m fine. Rixon won’t find me here.”

“Last time you said that, he trapped you underneath the carnival and you almost died.

“Yes, yes I remember. But that was before I became a full Nephilim. I promise I’ll be fine. And plus, I’ve been training…”

I was shocked! Nora had been training?! “What!? With who?!”

“Um YouTube…? Just kidding. I’ve been training with Vee.”

Dumbfounded, I suddenly asked “Vee trains?! Since when?!”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about her. She’s my best friend, yaknow? So she tells me everything. I just sometimes don’t relay it all to you.” With a cheeky smile, she walks over to me and lightly places her lips on mine. I immediately fall into her trance and wraps my arms around her. She quickly pulls back, blushing.

“I should get going. Mom’ll start worrying.”

“You need a ride? It wouldn’t hurt.” He winks at me then, thinking back to told memories we had.

“Sure, but I’m sweaty and I might not feel like doing anything. You’re coming inside to make me tacos.”

“But you’re mom’s home…”

“So? The most she might do is gouge your eyes out, not too bad.”

My eyes widen in surprise.

“Calm down, I’m joking babe. C’mon let’s get going.”

We arrive at her house at about 2:30pm. As we start walking out of the car, I notice that the sky is turning grey.  Hmm, that’s odd. Sunshine was basically pouring out of the sky a little while ago. I shrug and head towards her house. It’s probably just a storm coming in.

“Mom I’m home! We’re making tacos in the kitchen!”, Nora yells up the stairs as we head our way in the kitchen.

I get all the ingredients out as she hops on kitchen island and grabs an olive and pops it in her mouth. I look at her and flash her a grin. I start getting to work and chopping up the lettuce and tomatoes. I hear rumbling upstairs, but it’s probably her mom moving things around.

All of a sudden, Rixon is there with Nora’s mother’s neck around him arm with a gun pointed at her head. And it’s no ordinary gun. It’s one of the deadliest Fallen Angel weapons ever.

“Give me Nora, and I’ll let her go.” Rixon said, in his deadliest voice ever.

And at the moment, everything went black as I attacked his throat with the knife in my hand.

Hush by SoMo

Faithless Hope

I reach out.

To clasp my fingers around the tiny little hope.

That faith.

The thing that I am longing for.

The thing that accommodates the every aspect of my life.

The thing that I knew was meant to be.

The thing that I feel is my only lifeline.

I clasp it in my hand.

And I pull back.

Dragging it into my soul.

So I can cherish it forever.

And steal it away from the people who did the same to me.

Because fighting fire with fire.

Is sometime worth.

The burns.




This image, right here.

This is what helps me stay strong.

This is what many girls need to read.

Because to themselves, they are just a waste of space.

But they aren’t.

They are beautiful even if they cannot see their wings.

They are beautiful even if they cannot see it in the mirror.

They are beautiful even if someone says that they are not.

No one can change their mind but themselves.

But the first step to believing that they are beautiful.

Is to accept that beauty exists inside of you.


Harry Potter and the Hush, Hush Series

I see Hermione, Ron and Harry running down the hallway and I automatically disappear into the walls.

Wait, I’m already dead. And I’m invisible so what’s the point of disappearing. I come back out into the opening and see that they are using hushed tones down at the other end of the corridor. I can sense that Snape is coming down in the opposite direction, but he’s not alone. He has Hagrid with him, but he’s trying to back him off into the other direction.

“What do yer mean, they’re up to something?!”

“Hagrid, move out of my way,” says Snape in a terse voice.

“Snape, did yer hear that the Defense against Dark Arts spot is open?”

This made Snape stop and turn around. “What did you say?”

“Umm, yeah! Dumbledore told me that Finch quit. He couldn’t take the students anymore. They were too much of a hassle for him…”

He continued on as Hermione shushed Harry and Ron because she heard nearby voices. They quickly scurried off into a nearby room once they heard the bell ring.

Nora and Patch came out of the classroom hand in hand. Ron oogles and drools over her. Hermione gives him a quick shove because she’s jealous and he trips over his own feet.

“Let’s go, we’re gonna be late to Newbies class. And you know how he reacts when we’re even a second late,” says Harry.

They scoot in and sit in their seats as soon as the bell rings. Newbies gives them a stern look as he begins the class.

I catch sigh of Nora and Patch quickly trying to navigate through the lolly-gaggers that are usually always late to class. I follow them and see that they’re meeting up with Snape.

“What took you guys so long?!,” hisses Snape.

“Sorry, Ron was drooling over Nora,” says Patch, rolling his eyes a little with jealousy.

She gives him a look that says, really? Calm yourself.

“Hagrid kept waiting me up. Or else I could’ve gotten those blasted kids! Agh, they’re always up to something. Do you think they’re planning on reuniting the Wizards and Fallen Angels?”

“Snape, I still don’t understand what’s wrong with Wizard and Fallen Angels getting together again. I mean, we’re talking to each other right now, right?,” says Nora slowly.

He looks at her befuddled and incredulous, storming off.

“Well that set him off.” says Nora.

“Hmmm, I wonder why,” says Patch slyly.

“I mean, I had a point didn’t I? It’s true. We’ve been talking to Snape for a while and even though I’m a Nephilim and you’re a Fallen Angel, he can somehow sand us. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Babe, listen. We’re only on his side for now, but he doesn’t know that we’re gonna unite them as well. And if that redhead Ron looks at you again, I’m gonna punch him.”

“Patch, calm down! He’s 12! I’m 17! What do you think is gonna happen?! I babysit him and his little sister when his parents are off doing work in other countries. Relax, he’ll be fine. But first, we have to figure out how we’re going to maneuver around Snape without him thinking that we’re actually secretly on the Wizards’ side without them knowing.”

“Hmm…okay I’ve got a plan. I’ve been meaning to tell you this, so come with me.”

As they scurry off into the distance, I see Hagrid fumbling for something in his huge coat.

“Hmm, I knew I had it somewhere here,” he says mumbling as he pats himself down. “Ha! There it is!”

I look and I see it’s the feather. The last feather that Patch has left to survive. He thought he had it, but this is the real one. I can tell because of the rippled edges and the faint glimmer it has to it when it’s turned in the light. Why Hagrid has it? I don’t know. But I do know that something fishy is going on.

I see Hermione getting out of class and going up the stairs that Hagrid is on. He sees her and gives her an evil smile.

“So, I see you’ve got it. Now, it won’t take long to burn this so that the Fallen Angel nation will no longer be able to survive. Killing him will end all of this, Hagrid.” Hermine tone is so severe and evil that I almost die of shock. Oh wait…I’m already dead.

As they turn around, they hear a loud thunder striking boom as Harry comes in with Patch by his side.

“Well hello there, traitors.”

Allegiant Fanfic

I can’t walk these hallways without remembering the days I spent as a prisoner here, barefoot, pain pulsing inside of me every time I moved. I feel the cold tiled floor under the heels of my feet. The quiet tick-ticking of the clock on the wall as I pass each hallway. The swish of the wind against the curtain. The hallway starts to narrow down. It gets darker and darker as I move along. Some of the light fixtures are glitching. The door awaits me. It’s slightly cracked open. I heard voices on the other side.

“But why?!”, he says in a strong whisper.

“We can’t just let her live like this; it’s not possible”, she replies.

“Do you know what they would do if they found out about her?! We could be banished from this Earth!”

“Sergio, calm down. It’ll be fine.”

“That’s what you said when my mother passed away. Look at me now!”

They abruptly stop whispering and Melanie walk towards the door. I stand there as she opens the door.

“Reyna, we weren’t expecting you til sundown.” said Melanie.

“I couldn’t wait ’til then. I’m not very patient as you can tell.”

I saw Sergio in the back, looking straight at me with those bold eyes of his. But this time, something was different. The boldness kind of wavered. He didn’t look stable. He quickly looked away and started towards the table on the other side. There were printouts. I couldn’t tell of what, but I could tell they were some pretty important documents.

I tried to step inside, but Melanie blocked my path.

“Hun, you can’t come in here. We’re sort of busy…with important…things. You wouldn’t understand.” said Melanie.

I knew she was hiding something from me. I could feel it as she closed the door.

I ran back to the dormitory where Silvester was waiting for me. We had this little date planned and we were going to sneak out to go have a picnic by the fountain. When he saw me, his eyes sparkled. As soon as I saw that I was out of breath, his brow furrowed in worry.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“We need to leave, now!”

“Whoah, whoah whoah. Slow down. Tell me what happened.”

I tried to speak, but I was out of breath and I just collapsed into his arms. He softly whispered into my ear and smoothed my hair back. “Reyna, what happened.”

“Melanie called me into her office and the door was slightly cracked. I  heard Sergio in there with her, talking in hushed voices. It seemed like he was upset or angry over something. Melanie was trying to calm him down. She opened the door and I was already there, but she said that she’d talk to me later. I tried to walk in, but she blocked my path. Silv, they were talking about ME. Ever since they found out that I was Divergent, they’ve been acting so weird around me. They’re acting as if that I’ll die tomorrow and they’re preparing a coffin.”

I look up at Silv, barely meeting my eyes. I’m confused. “Babe..? Is there…something wrong?”

“I didn’t want to tell you like this…”

“..what do you…?”

He opens the door behind him, and everything shuts out.



I felt so alone. I come back from school every single day, and my smile automatically melts off of my face. I look up and see my brother, with a fake smile tugging on the corners of my mouth. I go into my room, changing into something more comfortable than jeans and a t-shirt. I look in the mirror. My smile says I’m fine, but the pain in my eyes linger long enough to make my smile disappear. I can’t do anything about it. Nothing. There’s no hope that I will get better. There’s nothing to hold onto. The thing I loved the most, it’s gone. And I can’t do anything to get it back. Because I know, that if I chase it, I’ll end up with a million and one scars. At the end of the day, it’s just me. Alone, empty, and useless. The fatigue of the helplessness in me starts to ravage my soul, breaking it into tiny pieces, one by one. I can’t control them. They think I’m fine. I tell them I’m fine. And they believe me. But then, one day, I’m sick again. Sick of everything. Of not being able to go anywhere. Of staying home 24/7. Of the fake people who said that they care and would be there, but dissipated when I needed them the most. And what sucks? I can’t do anything about it. Because it’s not in my reach. Nor my control. And that is why, the way I am, is the way I’ll be. Maybe not tomorrow, or maybe not yesterday. But today, is all I think of. And I drown.