This image, right here.

This is what helps me stay strong.

This is what many girls need to read.

Because to themselves, they are just a waste of space.

But they aren’t.

They are beautiful even if they cannot see their wings.

They are beautiful even if they cannot see it in the mirror.

They are beautiful even if someone says that they are not.

No one can change their mind but themselves.

But the first step to believing that they are beautiful.

Is to accept that beauty exists inside of you.


6 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. This is such an inspiring image and quote. I love how you explained your intentions afterwards. Just think of how many girls and women need to hear this? I think we could all use some reminders of this everyday.

  2. I love the image, and your poetic interpretation of it just extends the meaning and inspiration. Is the image your own? If not, link it to where you got it, and be careful not to use copyrighted images. Lovely post!

  3. G’day Moshi,
    It is certainly a beautiful image and I agree with SeanO that you need to give attribution. I searched for the image using Google and found many places where it had been pinned on pinterest, but I couldn’t find the original owner.

    By the way I totally agree with the quote on the image itself. Very similar to beauty is in the eye of the beholder – girls need to know that beauty is more than skin deep – it is inside you that matters.

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