Fallen Angels and Nephilim

I saw her there, running around the track. It’s been her favorite place recently and I couldn’t figure out why.

I was sitting on a branch with my legs over the side of a far away tree, but Fallen Angels have such sharp vision. I was surprised when she couldn’t sense me even from this distance, but then I realized that she was so focused on her running with her ear buds plugged in, probably blasting on Nirvana. Or maybe the song that I had dedicated to our relationship. It just fits us. Hush, by SoMo.

I couldn’t believe how strong she’d gotten in the past couple of months. She doesn’t need me to  protect her as much anymore. I’m really proud of her, though.

I guess I was too busy drooling at her, because I ended up falling out of the tree.

She stopped and looked up and gave me her million dollar grin. She jogged over while I got off and dust myself off and rubbed the back of my head from the ground that slammed into me. Or my head that slammed into the ground…Nah I think the ground decided that it was going to slam into my head.

“Hey kiddo, whatcha doing hiding up in that tree?”, said Nora, slyly.

“Don’t call me kiddo, you know I don’t like that. And I was just..umm…bird watching. Yeah, that’s it. I was admiring the gorgeous blue jays and robins.” I responded.

“All the way up in a tree? Patch, I told you to stop stalking me. I’m safe. I’m fine. Rixon won’t find me here.”

“Last time you said that, he trapped you underneath the carnival and you almost died.

“Yes, yes I remember. But that was before I became a full Nephilim. I promise I’ll be fine. And plus, I’ve been training…”

I was shocked! Nora had been training?! “What!? With who?!”

“Um YouTube…? Just kidding. I’ve been training with Vee.”

Dumbfounded, I suddenly asked “Vee trains?! Since when?!”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about her. She’s my best friend, yaknow? So she tells me everything. I just sometimes don’t relay it all to you.” With a cheeky smile, she walks over to me and lightly places her lips on mine. I immediately fall into her trance and wraps my arms around her. She quickly pulls back, blushing.

“I should get going. Mom’ll start worrying.”

“You need a ride? It wouldn’t hurt.” He winks at me then, thinking back to told memories we had.

“Sure, but I’m sweaty and I might not feel like doing anything. You’re coming inside to make me tacos.”

“But you’re mom’s home…”

“So? The most she might do is gouge your eyes out, not too bad.”

My eyes widen in surprise.

“Calm down, I’m joking babe. C’mon let’s get going.”

We arrive at her house at about 2:30pm. As we start walking out of the car, I notice that the sky is turning grey.  Hmm, that’s odd. Sunshine was basically pouring out of the sky a little while ago. I shrug and head towards her house. It’s probably just a storm coming in.

“Mom I’m home! We’re making tacos in the kitchen!”, Nora yells up the stairs as we head our way in the kitchen.

I get all the ingredients out as she hops on kitchen island and grabs an olive and pops it in her mouth. I look at her and flash her a grin. I start getting to work and chopping up the lettuce and tomatoes. I hear rumbling upstairs, but it’s probably her mom moving things around.

All of a sudden, Rixon is there with Nora’s mother’s neck around him arm with a gun pointed at her head. And it’s no ordinary gun. It’s one of the deadliest Fallen Angel weapons ever.

“Give me Nora, and I’ll let her go.” Rixon said, in his deadliest voice ever.

And at the moment, everything went black as I attacked his throat with the knife in my hand.

Hush by SoMo

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